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Meet the MeikoBeads team 

Leah and Meiko 

Meiko was born in 2011. She was injured at birth and diagnosed with Erb's Palsy. After two surgeries and regular physical therapy from birth to age five, Meiko is now at the point where she has full range of motion and the physical abilities of the average child her age. Meiko is a bright, funny, beautiful, loving young lady. She enjoys reading, writing stories, swimming, painting, and spending time with her cousins. In 2021 at the age of 9, Meiko's past-time of painting flourished into a passion, so she decided to start her own company - Paintings To The Nines. Each painting incorporates a few pieces of repurposed material that was recycled from everyday household items. She loves to use these items to not only create unique masterpieces, but to also help keep our world clean by turning trash into treasure. She is excited to give a portion of the proceeds earned from the sale of each painting to a charity supporting an Erb's Palsy organization - UBPN.

Leah is an abstract artist. Her artwork was given new meaning when she gave birth to Meiko. She started creating handmade jewelry in 2012. She took a break from jewelry, as she focused on her first novel she began writing in 2014, to which she credits Meiko as her inspiration. She published the novel, 9 Stop, in 2017. 

It was in March of 2018 that Leah decided to start a new line of handmade jewelry, and she only saw it fitting that the jewelry line be dedicated to her daughter. Leah decided that it wasn't enough to simply name the jewelry line after Meiko, she felt the need to do her part in helping toward the awareness and treatment of Erb's Palsy. Therefore 10% of every online sale will be donated to UBPN (United Brachial Plexus Network).