About us

Leah is a second-generation self-taught artist. She goes by the artistic name ihmaera. She has a wide range of mediums, all of which can be seen on this website. Leah always had the gift of art, but her passion for art started to flourish in her early twenties. Her artwork was given new meaning after she gave birth to her first daughter, Meiko, in 2011. She started creating handmade jewelry in 2012. It was in March of 2018 that Leah decided to start a new line of handmade jewelry, mostly comprised of handmade beads, and she only saw it fitting that the jewelry line be dedicated to her daughter. 

As a creator, Leah constantly challenges herself to push the envelope to see how far she can go by creating dramatic masterpieces. Her artwork includes abstract paintings that incorporate uncommon items such as lights, glass, and other paintings. She enjoys photography and creating digital artwork. 
She also found her place in the world of literary arts. In 2017, Leah became a published author with the debut of her novel, 9 Stop. In 2023 she published her second book, a collection of journal entries and reflections that were recorded throughout her journey through a surprise pregnancy during the height of the pandemic. Both books are available on amazon.com.
Meiko Beads is a unique company in that each item is handmade and created with love and care. Each product is considered a work of art, all the way down to each carefully crafted bead. 
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