Paintings To The Nines

Paintings To The Nines

Original paintings by Meiko

Meiko is an up-and-coming young artist from Pennsylvania that showed interest in art at an early age. She enjoys creating art in various forms including watercolor and sketching pictures in her sketchbook. Her favorite masterpieces are created in acrylic paint on canvas boards. 

Meiko's paintings are unique because she found a way to do her part in helping to keep our planet cleaner by repurposing recycled pieces of household items to add texture and 3D effects to each piece.

Meiko is a unique young lady in that she was injured at birth and diagnosed with Erb's Palsy. At a very early age, she underwent multiple surgeries, and physical/occupational therapy for the first half of her life. Being a part of a small Erb's Palsy community where only 1 out every 1,000 babies is diagnosed, Meiko sees fit to donate 10% of every sale to the Erb's Palsy organization UBPN (United Brachial Plexus Network).

At the young age of 9, Meiko decided that she wanted to become an entrepreneur and sell her artwork so she started her own business, PAINTINGS TO THE NINES. She currently has her original paintings for sale. By purchasing her artwork, original-art collectors will not only be the owners of one-of-a-kind artwork but they will also be contributing to Meiko's initiative to keep our beautiful Earth clean and to also support an amazing organization that is focused on enriching the lives of children and young adults that are part of this Erb's palsy community.